25. July 1999
Sorry again, been really busy because of configuring my Linux servers, but now everything seems to settle down.
I found great strong '73 400cid block, should be STD bore, just what i needed for my project. Hope it will pass crack tests. Crankshaft that I bought earlier was crack-checked, and of course, there was 2 really small cracks. Starting from the surface that rests next to rods big-end (where you will wanna those full-radius made).
Too bad, crankshaft mains was allready cut down to fit 400 block. Well it was obvious that i wouldnt use that, because my goal is over 600hp with this killer streetmotor. And i thought that i made a good deal with that sucker, well fuck him. (smoke $150)

I have taken more picture of my car, garage and motor. Will be here later.
Oh, almoust forgot, new Rods are on their way from usa. C.A.T full cnc work, 6.535" lenght, BB chewwy. They look alike eagles. I calculate that with 3.900" stroke and 6.535" & 400block, i can manage piston with enough material over top piston ring + no rings-bridges going over Pins, and still light ones. Should be able to handle abuse of centrifugal blower. I think Ross will make my custom pistons.

I promise to update site more often.

9. June 1999
Site was down 2 weeks ,because of moving my web server to different place. Hope my server can serve you as well.

Upcoming events will be my new motor, blowered 470cid, i have allready start to build it, stay tuned.

Check this video kumin_hinta_on_halpa.mpg [9.5MB]